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Last updated: December 1, 2017

URBIQQ is social e-commerce marketplace that bring together like-minded fashion-conscious members and Small to Medium Business (SMBs) in a manner that is designed to feel more like a community and less like a marketplace. This e-commerce platform will work from two different perspectives: (1) it will provide a platform to share member-generated content and elicit users’ perspectives and advice on fashion and style and (2) will also be a marketplace for the merchants who will have a place to upload their products, giving the members an opportunity to enjoy online shopping.

As an e-commerce marketplace URBIQQ is tailored to connect Millennials and to engage SMBs to bring together unique styles to enhance the shopping experience. Implementing a visually oriented platform will enable URBIQQ to connect member content with merchant products by integrating intelligent tagging. That allows Millennials to exchange fashion ideas and curate images. As well as provide a forum that enables members to purchase curated items from merchants.

URBIQQ is primarily geared toward providing our members with an opportunity to share their unique fashion style, as well as an outlet to stimulate further interest in the global fashion industry by becoming a knowledge hub. As part of our objective of creating a seamless, frictionless shopping experience, URBIQQ, will enable fashion items to be viewed, reviewed, and purchased on a single platform. This unique e-commerce platform will be attractive, elegant and easy to use.

URBIQQ wants to create a fashion knowledge hub. To do so, URBIQQ will focus on creating a community of fashion enthusiasts. Our platform will serve as an opportunity for people to share their fashion sense, ideas, and knowledge as well as post pictures of their own designs with an aim to get feedback from the URBIQQ community. By providing an opportunity for members to exchange fashion ideas and curate images, the platform will serve its purpose of being the place where people will purchase the curated items from the merchants.

URBIQQ is focused on inspiring innovation and creativity, promoting culture and the fashion industry, and above all, seamlessly integrating the businesses and community that comprise the marketplace. Additionally, it will bring to the forefront an innovative and exciting opportunity for start-ups, small businesses, and individuals that sell fashion merchandise and want to create a strong market presence for themselves.

URBIQQ’s goal is to take the platform to the global market and build a community comprising members and retailers from all over the world. The founder of the business was inspired and driven by the idea and challenge to create a seamless and frictionless shopping experience and to provide an online fashion community to the world.

Last updated: December 1, 2017
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